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Other Services

Remote Bill Entry:

We provide remote frei1ght bill entry for small to medium sized carriers. Through the remote entry of freight bills carriers can improve billing accuracy, obtain customer satisfaction as well as reduce operating cost.

Data Processing:

We offer custom data processing service to our clients. Our state of art infrastructure and the use of technology allow us to deliver exceptional data processing service. Our skilled and experienced data processing staff can handle simple to complex data processing projects. We strive to deliver high quality and accurate service in a timely manner. We are able provide data processing service for:

  • Insurance / Freight claim processing

  • Invoice processing

  • Forms processing

We also offer custom solutions for providing complex reports that require in-depth analysis of data and applying business rules to show cost saving, illustrate places of concern, highlight strength or weakness, or provide them with dashboards to make better decisions.

Software Consulting

We provide custom web development solutions for our clients. We engage with our clients in providing them with solutions that help them improve their business process and work more efficiently. We have built our technology using PHP, open source web development language. By leveraging the advantages of using an open source technology, we are able to provide our clients cost saving through zero licensing fees when deploying projects. We offer software consulting in following areas:

  • Custom web application development

  • Website design and development

  • Ecommerce solutions

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