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Transportation Process Streamlined!


Our state of the art technology allows you to slice and dice your data the way you want. Example reports at your fingertips are:

  • Transportation spend by region, customer, and/or supplier

  • Lane by lane analysis

  • Volume Analysis

  • GL and payment analysis

  • Accessorial cost analysis

  • Identify shipping patterns

  • and many more...

Streamline your Accounts Payable

Take control of your payment process. Using our AP module you can review our audited invoices and mark the invoices as paid. The paid batches can be integrated to your ERP system for final payments. The data can be downloaded or transferred electronically using EDI, CSV or your ERP's import file format(s). That makes your transportation process streamlined!


Benefits gained are speed and accuracy of your payment process, improved relations with carrier by on-time payments and above all full audit trail of your invoices. Be prepared for no sweat financial audits. That is awesome!

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